Compare Bulls

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Name Flask TMI Milk Beef Calving Milk kg F% P% F kg P kg Frame Muscle Feet Udder
Der Beste Add To Flask122121101106727.07.013727109104100133
GS Deluxe Add To Flask13512711495774.16.044731114101104113
GS Hierher Add To Flask132120108123495.1.123028927710298
GS Midnight Add To Flask127117104107-4.56.114599898120102
GS Wlan PP Add To Flask127122104108684.08.033627106109111113
GS Woward Add To Flask13012286111605.18.024124114100109119
Herzpower Add To Flask13312411399677.18.034526107106115126
Horazio PS Add To Flask132121108109526.16.08362611997101114
Megastar P Add To Flask148123102100931.31.116743104106106124
Weissensee Add To Flask1211211021031046-.19-.0326359810497113