Compare Bulls

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Name Flask TMI Milk Beef Calving Milk kg F% P% F kg P kg Frame Muscle Feet Udder
GS Hierher Add To Flask136122111127+723+.04+.05+34+309589105106
GS Midnight Add To Flask122117105108+192+0.34+.10+35+1597100113101
GS VerismoPP Add To Flask127115114104+693-0.11-0.03+20+2210611010695
GS Woward Add To Flask14013088110+907+.13+.05+49+36112100108119
GS Wunderino Add To Flask141124114104+628+0.15+0.08+39+2910010496109
Herzschlag Add To Flask120132109102+1,210+.11-0.06+60+371089895116
Horazio PS Add To Flask139125106112+798+.09+.02+41+3011795100115
Mahari Pp Add To Flask135116116111391+0.11+0.08252089114102113
Mediucs PP Add To Flask10798101111+11-0.08-0.01-6-1110105111103
Pandora Add To Flask1141138699551-0.03-0.01211811994113109
Sturmwind Add To Flask11711098100+133+.10+.15+13+17107103119110
Symposium Add To Flask10210395113-175+.21+.11+9+3853100120
Weissensee Add To Flask131121101104+773-0.04+.04+29+319610198113