About Celtic Fleckvieh

Celtic Fleckvieh are the leading suppliers of top quality Fleckvieh semen in Ireland. We have been milking these cows ourselves, so we have first hand experience of cross-bred and pure bred Fleckvieh.

We are the exclusive agents for all Austrian Fleckvieh semen in the Republic of Ireland.  We also represent Genetic Austria in Ireland for enquiries for in-calf heifers, maiden heifers, and breeding bulls.  Genetic Austria is Austria's central marketing body for Semen and livestock, owned by all the individual regional Austrian Breeders Associations and AI Stations.

We focus on cattle suitable for grass based systems. Our emphasis is on optimising output per hectare from a grass based diet.

Because we focus on one breed only, we study the bloodlines extremely carefully, selecting only bulls which have deep pedigrees, as well as current high indexes.

Our family has been breeding pedigree cattle since the 1920's, and we are still farming with pedigree cattle on a daily basis.

We are always available for detailed personal advise and views – and we are always honest and open in our views on how each of our bulls are performing, and regularly host visitors to our farm to see how our own stock are performing.