Heifers for sale

We have been involved in importing Fleckvieh since our first purchases in Austria in 1974.  More recently, we have imported Dairy/Dual Purpose Fleckvieh for our own herd and for other farmers.  We can supply part-loads.

 A full load would be 30 in-calf heifers, or a larger number of younger heifers – up to 18 tons weight limit for the lorry.  It is necessary to fill the load in order to dilute the overall transport cost, so we usually put together smaller batches of heifers for a number of customers, and if necessary,  top-up loads with some stock for ourselves.

Throughout the summer of 2016, prices for females, especially pregnant heifers have risen considerably, due to a very strong demand from Turkey.

We have an excellent selection of  heifers available for sale ex farm in Laois.  These heifers were selected in Austria earlier this year, and are in two categories:

  1. In-calf heifers due from Jan – March ’17, to easy calving proven Austrian Fleckvieh AI bulls.
  2. Weanling heifers, born in Autumn ’15, and ready to serve in Winter ‘16/17, or Spring ’17.

These heifers can be seen in Irish conditions, and are fully tested here and eligible for entry into the Irish Dairy Fleckvieh herdbook.