About Fleckvieh

Fleckvieh cross cows can rival pure milk producing breeds in terms of milk yield, but with the advantage of ensuring additional income through their fertility, good fitness and milk of high quality.

Additional income results from the sale of the bull calf. The birth of a Fleckvieh calf is much more than the trigger for a new lactation. The results of crossbreeding with Holstein-Friesian and red cattle in Scandinavia are extraordinary.  
Breeders appreciate the high performance and the high level of total solids in milk as well as bull calf income.
  • Low somatic cell count
  • Optimum milking speed (~ 2.5 l / min.)
  • Excellent Fertility
  • Additional income from the sale of calves and cull cows

The crossbreed that generates greater income for the farm...for increased profitability

The durable strength provided by the Fleckvieh not only optimises health and fitness, but also beef value. FLECKVIEH x HOLSTEIN bull calves generate extra income not more problems.
One farmer has tracked his crossbred calf income over the last year. He has received the equivalent of 1.6 cents €/litre more for each litre of milk sold from the farm as a result of the higher price received for his Fleckvieh cross calves. 
Within a dairy herd, there are four potential income streams:
  • Milk sales
  • Heifer sales
  • Bull calf sales
  • Cull cow sales
With Fleckvieh you will have:
  • Good production
  • Well attached silky udders
  • Low cell counts
  • Longevity

Fleckvieh crossbreds are milking from Austria, Czech, Slovakia, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica and the UK and everywhere the same scenario: strong, long-lasting productive cows that are profitable for their owners. 

  • On average the Holstein breed can produce more milk than the Fleckvieh breed. However this milk is produced at a greater cost:
  • Holstein breed is displaying increased inbreeding and this is lowering reproductive performance.
  • In Austria Fleckvieh cows need about 15% less semen straws to get in-calf as a result of better fertility. 
  • Fleckvieh is a low mastitis breed, costing less in treatments, with less milk thrown away and lost milk production .
  • Fleckvieh breed is 30% lower in SCC than Holstein in Austria.
  • The Fleckvieh cows, on average, live longer than Holsteins; about ½ calf more per lifetime, on 2000 cows, this is a lot of extra calves.
  • Fleckvieh has more calves that lice than Holstein, about 20% lower stillbirths, again this adds up to a lot of calves.
  • Fewer metabolic health problems with Flecks than Holstein, less LDA’s for example.
  • Fewer genetic defects in Flecks than Holst.