Code: S3383

GS Hierher

GS Hierher

An exciting young bull, very easy calving, with exceptional solids on his mothers line and volume coming from his sire side - the same sire line as Herzschlag. Very interesting aAa numbers also - 561. Should breed below average size, which could suit Ireland very well. Some of his calves coming Friesian colour but born very easily and very lively. Shorter gestation also.

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TMI: 136 F%: +.04 Muscle: 89
Milk I: 122 P%: +.05 Feet: 105
Beef I: 111 F Kg: +34 Udder: 106
Calv P: 127 P Kg: +30 SCC: 109
Milk Kg: +723 Frame: 95 Daughter Fertility: 112

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