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Very easy calving, with 2.2% (old system ) in Ireland, at 88% reliability. Ideal bull for grazing system. Daughter proven bull with exceptionally high solids %'s. Very high udder score of 120. He will produce somewhat smaller cows - nicely made, but lower than average size. He is working very well on Holstein or other large cows, particularly where the aim is to reduce the size of the progeny a little. Carries one of the more minor recessive genes, so just to be really safe, we recommend not to use him on females with Fleckvieh blood without having a Pedigree check done first to ensure they are suitable. We can do this check for you if you ring us with details of your cows predigree's.

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TMI: 102 F%: +.21 Muscle: 3
Milk I: 103 P%: +.11 Feet: 100
Beef I: 95 F Kg: +9 Udder: 120
Calv P: 113 P Kg: +3 SCC: 99
Milk Kg: -175 Frame: 85 Daughter Fertility: 104

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